Digital Representations

FACULTY | Lavender Tessmer, Jason Foster Butz

Front page image by Andy Druding

Student work by Rachel Lefevre, Sam Leder, Monica Green, Wanjiao Chen, Diana Ossa, Garrett Vaughn, Zhao Zhang, Shannon Slade, Bijan Thornycroft, Andy Druding, Vivian Stasi, Jingwen Shi, Jianyou Ni, Lingfeng Zhang, Yiming He, and Natalie Ng

Digital Representations was an introduction to digital modeling, fabrication, and rendering at Washington University in St. Louis in Fall 2012 (with Jason Butz) - Fall 2014. Students began by digitally modeling a natural form from a photograph, eventually developing their projects into parametrically modeled spatial systems, and finally outputting the models as digitally fabricated constructions., j