Additive Casting of Mass-Customizable Bricks: Workflow for Design and Robotic Fabrication

The strength of general-purpose fabrication tools is in the ease of repeatability and reconfiguration of geometry. However, there are some material processes that are difficult to directly integrate into fabrication processes with these machines. In particular, the common methods of material configuration through horizontal deposition in 3D printing exclude other types of material processes such as casting. This project demonstrates an additive manufacturing technique paired with a design input process for generating a wall of customized cast bricks. Taking advantage of the precision and adaptability of a robotic arm, the fabrication process pairs this general-purpose tool with a specialized auxiliary device to create variation in concrete casts.

4.493 | Independent Study in Building Technology | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Fall 2018

Team | Lavender Tessmer, Yijiang Huang

Faculty | Caitlin Mueller

4.s48 | Design for Robotic Assembly | Massachusetts Institute of Technology | Spring 2018

Team | Thuy Le, Kevin Marblestone, Lavender Tessmer

Faculty | Caitlin Mueller, Justin Lavallee

Teaching Assistant | Yijiang Huang